Imboden, AR

My hometown sets on the banks of Spring River.  It actually covers two counties.  I heard a student say in speech class once that his home town was so small, it only had one stop light.  Not sure what that says about Imboden since it doesn’t have any.

We are kept up-to-date with the happenings in Imboden through a local newspaper and web site, Imboden Live.  Of course, gossip at the local coffee shop is sometimes the best way to get information, only maybe not as reliable.

Speaking of coffee shops, the town of Imboden has three restaurants:  a Mexican establishment, a local diner, and a Subway.  Actually, there is another, but it is hard to tell when it is open.  The small town is excited to have a bakery coming to the main road.  You can also get food at a quick shop that sets on the edge of town.

The town has an interesting history, having once been a bustling center of activity.  Even the school has an interesting past.

Imboden has seen some growth in the past years with chains such as Dollar General and Subway coming to town.  A NAPA parts store has recently opened and a new bank, First National Bank of Lawrence County, FNB, will be opening soon.

“I think small towns are the closest to heaven you can get on earth.” Diana Palmer





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